Saturday, 1 October 2011


And he is planning on cutting down on 10kg more.
Super Junior ShinDong is ‘happy’ to have cut down on 10kg.
ShinDong said in an interview lately, “I started on a diet end-July, and currently I’ve cut down on 10kg. I am planning to cut down on 10kg more.”
ShinDong has been busy lately with the activities in the new Super Junior unique group Super Junior Happy. ShinDong decided to start on reducing his weight ever since he started with Super Junior Happy. He trained out at the sports centre even if his schedules end late. And he saw the results of reduction 10kg in just a month’s time.
“This is not some aim to be slender like the other members. I wanted to show the fans a more healthier me. To show a comfortable and cute ShinDong to the fans.”